whatsapp for PC

Whatsapp for PC Download ( Windows 7/XP/8)

Want to use Whatsapp, but you lack the support of a smartphone? Well the perfect solution is brought to you by this website. Just download Whatsapp on PC. Of course everyone has heard about Whatsapp. It is the international sensation that has replaced the text message generation. Yes, the reason sms packs are obsolete is Whatsapp. Having Whatsapp on your fingertips allows you keep in constant contact with all your dear friends and family and that too with the provision of internet. It has a free one year subscription and then it is chargeable that too the charges are minimum. So, why do the smartphone users get to enjoy this app. Download Whatsapp on PC and enjoy its benefits!!

whatsapp for PC

Whatsapp For PC (Windows 7/XP/ 8): How to download

Users can use three methods to download Whatsapp on PC so users can use the method they find easier and more convenient in comparison.

Method 1 to Download Whatsapp for PC

  • Firstly the Whatsapp apk file needs to be downloaded from the Internet. Simply type “Whatsapp apk file” on Google search and a lot of links will be given.
  • The recommended sites are apkmania and appsapk which are best for apk files download. Now you need an android emulator to run the apk file. So install  or Bluestacks via Softonic Downloader or Direct Download process, which helps the PC function like an android device.
  • Go to the folder where the apk file is stored and right click on it. Go to the “Open With” option and you will find the name of the emulator, Bluestacks there. As you open the file with Bluestacks, the file will be automatically installed in your PC.

Method 2 to Download Whatsapp for PC

  • If downloading the apk file method does not suit you, then you may follow the second option which requires internet connection or else the app will not be installed.
  • You need to first install an android emulator Bluestacks as specially suggested as it is the best for Whatsapp.
  • The Bluestacks search window will just be like your Play Store search window of an android phone and will help you open an android environment window on your PC. Just like any other smartphone you can search apps and games in Bluestacks.
  • Search the app Whatsapp and start installing it.

Method 3 To Download Whatsapp For PC

This method is not very convenient, so we do not recommend it. But in case you are convenient with it you may use it. For this you require a android phone. Use any of your friends’ smartphone if they carry one and connect it using a data cable. Switch on the USB debugger. Then to connect to your phone apps a software Mobogenie will automatically start installing on your PC. Download Whatsapp on Mobogenie. Later on you can open Mobogenie and run Whatsapp on it even after the android device is disconnected.

Whatsapp on PC : Run Your App

In order to run Whatsapp on PC after installation, you need to go to the folder which contains the app. Go to My Computer and open the “Apps” folder. In case you do not find it run your PC search. In Apps you will find the Whatsapp folder and the application icon. Double click on it to launch the app and you can begin.

MomentCam for PC

MomentCam for PC or Windows 7/8 Computer Download Tutorial

Everybody like cartoon characters irrespective of age group. What if you can make an animated picture of yourself? Take your photo and convert it into some comic style picture instantly. This app will help you have a hearty laugh when you are not feeling well. It is a mood swinger on any given point of time. Hightalk Software of China is the producer of this advertisement free app. No ad feature is the best one because most free apps comes with this annoying ads popping up every now and then making the experience a bitter one rather than a better one! It is not just about face being converted into a comic caricatures but other part of the pictures can be animated too. This way you can keep your face intact and animate the remaining picture giving you a feel of cartoon world. You can have fun as much you want with this app. If you have an Android device, then you can easily download it for free from Google Play Store but if you do not have any Smartphone then also don’t worry as you can download MomentCam for PC now.

MomentCam for PC

MomentCam App features

You can do many things with this app and the simple user interface makes it even more popular with the users. It is quite addictive too, because once you start with the comic styling, then you would love to carry on with all your pictures to see how that would turn out. You will be able to make comic GIFs of your pictures and this feature is available in the Emoticons tab in the home page app. Once you go to Emoticons tab you can take a shot of yourself which will then be placed on some moving cartoon character. It is actually very funny and you will get almost 144 variants of GIFs from where you can take your pick. Styling your hair to adjusting the shape of your face, you will be able to do whatever you feel like. It makes it easier for you to share in the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or WeChat when the files are saved in the GIFs.

It creates caricatures from realistic portraits and this is the first app ever that has the ability to carry out this amazing work to perfection. People of all ages love this app as there would be hardly anybody who doesn’t want to see them animated. Moreover, when you are able to get it done or free then why not try it out at least for once. You can gauge the popularity by the fact that it went viral within few months of its launch. There are more than 20 million users who have downloaded this app within 70 days. After becoming popular in the Android version the makers launched the iOS version too, and that also became quite popular.

It is really simple as you just have to take a quick snap of yours and then everything will be done by the app. So, basically you don’t have to take the headache of drawing it out on your own. Meitu and Baidu PhotoWonder are two other photo-editing features that will help to increase the fun quotient even more.

Now let’s get started with the MomentCam for PC download tutorial as you might be anxious to know how to get it downloaded on your computer.

Download MomentCam for PC

In order to download the MomentCam app on your PC you will have to take the help of Android emulator known as BlueStacks. It is one of the magic wands that has come to the rescue of all those who doesn’t have the Android device, but wants to use the apps and games that are available in Google Play Store. Here is how you will be able doing that –

  • Visit the official website of BlueStacks and download the Android Emulator from there
  • Now when the emulator is downloaded you have to double-click on it to start the installation process
  • You have to go through all the instructions that appear on screen so that the installation process is completed successfully
  • Now open the BlueStacks and look for the search field
  • Enter the name of the app MomentCam in the search box and it will bring up the search result
  • Select the name of the app and you will get the install button, click on it
  • The app will start downloading and once the process is completed the installation will start all by itself

You will have the app ready to use once the installation is complete

Fotorus for PC or Computer

Fotorus for PC or Windows 7/8 Computer Download Guide

There are quite a lot of photo-editing apps in the Google Play Store and amongst them FotoRus is considered to be the best. You get different editing tools for free of cost with the help of which you can do anything that you like with your pictures. Have fun with them or give some artistic touch to it or simply increase the resolution, do anything you want! With the help of FotoRus you will be able to explore the creative side of yours. The major reason for the popularity of this photo-editing app is easier to use interface. It is self explanatory, therefore there is no need to go through any manual to understand what it is all about. In the main menu you will find big icons with easy to read buttons so that you know where to go for what. You have InstaMag, Collage, PIP, Pro Edit, Library and FotoRus with the help of which you can do whatever you want with your pictures. The main attraction of this app is the collage that you can create out of your favorite pictures and apart from that you can take the help of Animegram to animate any kind of picture and have fun with it. You can easily get FotoRus on your Android device for free from the Google Play Store.

Fotorus for PC or Computer

FotoRus features

If you want to explore all the features of this amazing photo – editing tool then you must have some pictures of yours handy. Now take some photo and go to Pro Edit, here you will be able to rotate, crop or brighten your pictures and also add filters to them. All these can be done with just a tap of your finger. Therefore, you can imagine how easy it is to get things done with the help of FotoRus. The Pro – Edit features allow you to choose from over 20 scene modes and over 50 filters so that no two pictures look the same.


If you then fond of collages take out all your favorite pictures and select the 5 best pictures among them. Now go to Collage section and select from over 60 styles to suit the essence of your pictures. If you always adored the way magazines put up the collages then here is the photo – editing app that will help you get a magazine like collages done. The collage is not that hard to make with the help of this app as you can just drag your pictures for placing for proper placement and once you feel the pictures looks just beautiful in the arrangement that you have made then you can just select the right template to provide the perfect look to your arrangement.

All of us are hooked on to the social networking sites and makes it a point to update every picture we click on the Facebook page. So in order to help us with this FotoRus has GIF tool which helps in adding effects to the photo and also save it in GIF format so that we find it easy to upload to the social networking sites.

There are Pic-in-Pic and library feature that will provide you with many more things to explore. This is not the end in fact, it is just the beginning and as it is said that morning shows the day, therefore you can very well imagine how much you can do with this amazing photo editing app.

Though this app is mainly for the Smartphone devices, but you will also get FotoRus for PC download as well.

How to Download FotoRus for PC

If you want to know how to download FotoRus for PC, then you have to read further. I am sure after going through its features, you will be eager to get it on your PC so that you can explore all its features with the huge selection of photos that you have on your computer. The procedure of getting this app on your PC is very simple as you just have to follow the instructions given below and you will be done with it.

  • First, go to the official website of BlueStacks and download the emulator from there
  • Now double-click on it to start the installation process
  • To successfully install BlueStacks just follows the instructions that appear on screen
  • You now have the BlueStacks on your computer so open it
  • Type in the name of the app FotoRus in the search box
  • When the name of the app appears, select it and click on the install button
  • Downloading will start and once it gets completed the installation process will kick start automatically

Once the installation is complete you will be able to enjoy the app on your PC.

BBM for PC or computers

BBM for PC (BBM for Windows 7/8/XP)

BlackBerry Messenger was one of the first messenger pp to hit the market. It was there even before WhatsApp or any other Messenger app came into action. It was used by all BB users to carry out conversation for free of charge. But the drawback that it had was that it was limited to the BlackBerry users only. So people could only chat with other BBM users and not just any Smartphone users. Though initially it is said that it enhanced the sale of BlackBerry but not everybody could have afforded to have a BlackBerry device. So when the Android device came into the market with messenger apps people were happy that they had something which can compete with BBM. But not everything could match up with BBM. BlackBerry understood the user’s requirement and therefore they came up with the Android version too. It was not surprising to see millions of download of this messenger app when it was launched for the Android devices as people were waiting to use BBM.

BBM for PC or computers

Features of BBM

BBM has some amazing features that you can use for better communication. You will be provided with unique PIN and that will be required to get in touch with you. You can easily communicate with people who are in your friend circle or you can even invite your client over in your BBM group. The call experience is so nice that you will fall in love with this messenger at once. Here are some other highlights of BBM –

  • You can go for a face to face chat if you want with friends and families who are far away and you didn’t get a chance to meet them for years. BBM will help you to get in touch with them in person through this face to face chat option.
  • You don’t have to wait for hours to receive or send messages as everything is carried out in real time.
  • You can chat with your closed ones by typing or you can simply talk to them and if you want, you can opt for both the medium for free over the Wi-Fi network
  • Basically, you have the options of BBM chat, BBM Voice and BBM Video
  • You can get help from the BBM community about any troubleshooting that you want to do or if you want any tips about using some feature of BBM
  • You can also share photos, videos and images with the help of BBM
  • File sharing and location sharing are made possible in here
  • More than 100 emoticons are present to express your feelings
  • 50 people can be included in one BBM group
  • Messages with unlimited length can be sent and received
  • Personalizing your BBM account is possible

If you are not sure about using BBM on your Android device, then you can take the advantage of this messenger app on your PC. It will work just fine on your PC as well and you will be able to use all the feature as is on your computer too. So, if you want to get BBM for PC you will have to take the help of Android emulator BlueStacks as it is the best way of downloading apps that are present on Google Play Store on your computer.

Download BBM for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

You will easily get the BBM for PC if you follow the instructions that are explained below –

  • You will first have to go to the official website of BlueStacks and download the emulator from there
  • Once it is downloaded on your desktop you can double-click on it to start the installation process
  • In order to complete the installation process successfully, you will have to follow the instructions that appear on the screen
  • Now when the installation is completed, you can use the BlueStacks emulator for downloading BBM for PC
  • You can now open the BlueStacks emulator
  • Type in the name of the app BBM on the search box and it will show up in the search result
  • Select the name of the app and you will find the install button there
  • Click on it to start downloading the game
  • Once the downloading is complete the installation process starts automatically
  • You will have the BBM ready for your PC use once the installation is complete.

BBM for PC has brought a smile to many a people as they had been waiting to use BBM for a long time. They couldn’t afford the BlackBerry device neither they could go to the Android device so now when they can use this messenger app on their PC then nothing better than that.